Plan For Casino - Related Facilities Uncertain

Plan for casino-related facilities uncertain

The coronavirus pandemic is increasingly making uncertain the future of Japan's project to set up integrated resorts that include casinos.

The government had planned to open the facilities sometime in the mid-2020s.

But it postponed the adoption of a basic policy which includes evaluation criteria to select sites. It was to be decided earlier this year.

If it had been decided, local governments that want to build the integrated resorts would have submitted their plan to the government between January and July in 2021 after selecting an operator.

Following the government's decision on postponement of the basic policy, the local governments followed suit.

Osaka Prefecture and Osaka city have decided to postpone the selection of an operator. Yokohama city decided not to announce its plan, including selection criteria of an operator, for the time being.

The pandemic has also affected potential operators of casino-related facilities. They are making less profit owing to a deterioration of business conditions.