Poem By Late 'barefoot Gen' Manga Creator Discovered At Family Home

Poem by late 'Barefoot Gen' manga creator discovered at family homeAn unpublished poem by Keiji Nakazawa, the late author of the famed Hiroshima atomic bombing manga "Barefoot Gen," has been found at his home here.

Nakazawa passed away in December 2012 at the age of 73, and the three-verse poem will be read by his 70-year-old widow Misayo on June 4 as part of events commemorating the 40th anniversary of Barefoot Gen's first appearance in the weekly manga magazine Shonen Jump.

The poem, titled "Hiroshima Ai no Kawa" (Hiroshima, river of love) and written in the style of song lyrics, speaks of a hope that peace will flow from the "water city of Hiroshima" to the oceans and thence to the world. It includes memories of days spent as a boy on the bank of the city's Ota River, and tender passages about his thoughts and feelings about becoming a parent.