Police: Arson Suspect In Internet Cafe Days Before

Police: Arson suspect in internet cafe days before

Police have found that the suspect in Thursday's deadly arson attack on an animation studio in Kyoto visited an internet cafe a few days before the incident.

Shinji Aoba is suspected of setting fire to Kyoto Animation's number one studio, leaving 34 people dead and 34 injured.

The 41-year-old suspect suffered serious burns. Police plan to arrest him once his condition improves.

Police say that, after visiting the cafe in Kyoto City, Aoba bought gas cans and a lighter at a hardware store in Uji City.

Police believe that Aoba then went to inspect the studio and other company facilities in advance.

Security camera footage from near Kyoto Animation headquarters show a man resembling Aoba pushing a cart the day before the attack.

Police plan to analyze personal computers in the cafe as part of their efforts to determine his motive.