Police Attack Suspect May Be Tokyo Man In His 30s

Police attack suspect may be Tokyo man in his 30s

An investigative source has told NHK that a suspect who stabbed a police officer and stole a loaded firearm in Osaka Prefecture may be a Tokyo resident in his 30s.

The officer, Suzunosuke Kose, was found stabbed in the chest at around 5:30 a.m. on Sunday near the police box in Suita City where he had been on duty. Kose remains unconscious.

His handgun loaded with five bullets is missing.

Police have released an image of a suspicious man captured by the police box's security camera.

It recorded a man walking around the police box eight times about one hour before Kose was attacked.

The investigative source says the parents of the man in his 30s have informed Osaka police that the person in the video looks very much like their son.

Police have found that a person who resembles the man in the footage stayed at a business hotel about two kilometers from the police box from Friday to Saturday.

Authorities in Osaka are urging residents to refrain from going out unless absolutely necessary.