Police: Driver Struggled To Turn Before Crash

Police: Driver struggled to turn before crash

A deadly collision between a truck and commuter train in Yokohama, near Tokyo, was caught on camera. Investigators say footage taken at the scene Thursday shows the driver struggling with his truck's steering wheel before entering the railway crossing.

The 67-year-old driver was killed when the express train smashed into his truck. Thirty-four others were injured.

The force of the collision derailed the first three train cars and destroyed the truck.

The truck was apparently loaded with boxes of fruit.

Police searched the offices of the driver's company on Friday to learn more about his employment history and working conditions. They want to find out his route on that day.

Police have already learned the driver was travelling on a narrow street before he turned to cross the tracks. A camera installed at the railway crossing shows the driver turning the steering wheel in both directions.

After struggling to make the turn for longer than normal, the crossing gates came down, trapping the vehicle inside.

Meanwhile, the train operator is looking into why the train could not stop in time to avoid the accident.

Keikyu Corporation says its monitoring system detected the vehicle stuck at the crossing and activated a warning signal for the train's driver.

It says the signal was visible before the train came within 600 meters of the crossing.

That would have allowed a train traveling at 120 kilometers per hour to come to a halt before the crossing, if the emergency brakes were applied in time.

The train driver reportedly told Keikyu that he applied the emergency brake but could not prevent the accident.

The company plans to analyze data recorded on the train to determine exactly when that happened.

Keikyu says trains in the area will not resume operations until Saturday.