Police To Check Body Of 'don Juan' Pet Dog

Police to check body of 'Don Juan' pet dog

Japanese police are looking into the death of the pet dog of a wealthy self-proclaimed "Don Juan" who died of acute stimulant drug poisoning.

Company president Kosuke Nozaki died on May 24th. Investigators say the circumstances of the 77-year-old's death give rise to suspicion, including the possibility of homicide.

His pet dog died suddenly 18 days before Nozaki. Police dug up its body at his home in the western prefecture of Wakayama on Thursday. They suspect both deaths may be related.

Police are trying to determine whether the dog's body contains stimulants.

Police say none of the people who were in Nozaki's home at the time of his death tested positive for stimulants. They add that his arms have no needle marks.

Police are investigating how the drugs got into Nozaki's body.

Nozaki called himself "Don Juan" out of a resemblance to the legendary Spanish libertine. The nickname appears in the titles of his memoirs about his relationships with women.