Poll Shows 43% Support For Cabinet

Poll shows 43% support for Cabinet

In NHK's latest opinion poll, Japanese voters' approval rating for the Cabinet of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe stood at 43 percent. That's up two percentage points from last month. The disapproval rate was 35 percent, down three points.

NHK conducted the survey over three days from last Saturday among 2,166 people. 1,206 people, or 56 percent, responded.

Among those who expressed support for the Cabinet, 46 percent said it seems better than the alternatives. 18 percent said it is a cabinet of action, and 15 percent said it includes a lawmaker or lawmakers from the party they support.

Among those who disapprove of the Cabinet, 36 percent cited low policy expectations, and 11 percent said it does not include a lawmaker from the party they support.

There was a question about the Japanese government's reaction to a South Korean court ruling that approved the seizure of assets of a Japanese steelmaker over the issue of compensation for wartime labor.

20 percent of the respondents said the two countries should settle the issue through bilateral talks, and 53 percent said the issue should be resolved internationally. 17 percent said Japan should take countermeasures.

A question was asked about Japan and Russia concluding a peace treaty. Prime Minister Abe and Russian President Vladimir Putin agreed in November that Tokyo and Moscow would speed up negotiations on a peace treaty based on their 1956 joint declaration.

30 percent said the two countries should conclude a treaty as soon as possible, while 28 percent said they see no need to hurry. 31 percent said they could not say either way.

Regarding constitutional revision, which the prime minister strongly advocates, 23 percent said lawmakers should start discussions soon, while 50 percent said they see no need to hurry. 14 percent said there is no need to discuss constitutional changes.