Pope Francis Gives Speech At Sophia University

Pope Francis gives speech at Sophia University

Pope Francis called on university students in Tokyo to value integrity in his last speech during his visit to Japan.

The pope gave a lecture to more than 700 students who gathered at Sophia University in Tokyo on Tuesday. The university was founded by Jesuit priests. Pope Francis is a member of the order.

The Pope described Japan as a nation of efficiency and order, but also having "a profound desire to create an even more humane, compassionate and merciful society."

In a message to the students, the Pope said, "In every situation, even the most complex, may they be concerned that their conduct is just and humane, conscientious and responsible, and show themselves resolute defenders of the vulnerable."

He added, "May they be known for the integrity so greatly needed in these times when words and actions are often misleading or deceitful."

After the speech, the Pope walked down to the audience to chat with the students and shake their hands.

Pope Francis spent four days in Japan. The papal visit was the first in 38 years.