Possible Banksy Work On Display At Tokyo City Hall

Possible Banksy work on display at Tokyo city hall

An artwork that may have been drawn by the anonymous graffiti artist Banksy is on display at the Tokyo Metropolitan Government building.

Banksy is known for creating satirical street art on walls and buildings around the world.

The 20-by-20 centimeter work put on public view from Thursday depicts a rat holding an umbrella.

The drawing was spotted at a waterfront tide gate in Minato Ward that is managed by the Tokyo government. Officials removed it in January after experts pointed out that it closely resembles works by Banksy.

Officials say they have been contacted by many people who want to see it. They say they have tried to contact Banksy, but have not received a response.

Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike says she would like Banksy to contact the metropolitan government if the artist has any objection to the work being put on display. She also says she hopes it will encourage more people to visit the city hall.

A visitor in her 70s says if it turns out to be an imitation Banksy, it will never be put on display again. She says the mystery surrounding the drawing adds to its interest.

The work will be exhibited at the city hall until May 8.