Possible Drone Disrupts Kansai Airport Operation

Possible drone disrupts Kansai Airport operation

Sightings of a possible drone have caused runway closures and flight disruptions at Kansai International Airport in Osaka, western Japan.

The airport's operator says that shortly after 10 p.m. on Thursday, the pilot of a plane on approach to the airport reported sighting what appeared to be the light of a drone.

The operator closed both runways at the airport to confirm safety. It cleared the runways for use about one hour later.

But immediately afterward, a security guard on the ground also reported sighting a drone-like object, prompting another closure of the runways.

A search for the object turned up nothing like a drone, allowing the runways to go back into operation shortly after midnight.

The closures led to rerouting of eight arriving flights to an airport in central Japan and another returning to Tokyo's Haneda Airport. Up to roughly two hours of delays occurred for 15 flights.

It's not the first sighting of a drone-like object at Kansai International Airport. The facility's runways were briefly closed on October 19 for that reason.