Post - Typhoon Recovery Work Making Slow Progress

Post-typhoon recovery work making slow progress

Slow progress in reconstruction work from a powerful typhoon is forcing many residents of Chiba Prefecture, near Tokyo, to live in unrepaired houses one month after the disaster.

Typhoon Faxai wreaked havoc in the prefecture on September 9, leaving wide areas without power or water for days or even weeks. Local authorities have confirmed that the storm damaged more than 34,000 homes.

The repairs are being delayed because service providers are flooded with requests.

Authorities are providing vacant public apartments for free. They say they will consider additional support measures because the reconstruction work is likely to take a long time.

Another powerful typhoon, Hagibis, could affect the prefecture over the weekend.

Official are urging residents to secure plastic sheets covering damaged roofs, reinforce windows and stock up on food before the weather deteriorates.

Typhoon Faxai blew down trees and blew objects into power lines, cutting the electricity supply for 930,000 households at one point. Tokyo Electric Power Company says it completed repairs of high-voltage cables by September 24, and power outages have almost completely ended.

The utility says 72 households in the prefecture are still without electricity. Some of them are in mountainous areas of Futtsu City. The others are in Ichihara City, where poles of a golf practice range fell onto nearby houses.