Preparations For Tuesday's Enthronement Ceremony

Preparations for Tuesday's enthronement ceremony

Final preparations are now underway at the Imperial Palace in Tokyo for Tuesday's enthronement ceremony of Japan's emperor.

Emperor Naruhito will take part in 2 ceremonies on Tuesday afternoon to mark his accession to the throne.

In May, he participated in key ceremonies to inherit Imperial Regalia from his father and to give his first speech as Emperor.

During Tuesday's ceremony, the emperor will be dressed in an ancient court costume and will step onto the Takamikura throne in the main hall of the Imperial Palace.

He will then deliver an address declaring his accession before heads of state and other invited guests.

On Tuesday evening, the first banquet will be held at the Imperial Palace with heads of states and other dignitaries attending.

An Imperial parade that had been scheduled for Tuesday following the enthronement ceremony was postponed by the government to November 10 to focus on recovery efforts in areas seriously affected by Typhoon Hagibis.

Imperial Household Agency officials have been making final preparations to set up the throne to be used in Tuesday's ceremony.

A rehearsal was held last weekend with senior officials from the Cabinet Secretariat taking part. Imperial Household Agency officials plan to make final checks on Monday in preparation to receive guests.