Prince Hisahito Visits War Memorial Park On 1st Trip To Okinawa

Prince Hisahito visits war memorial park on 1st trip to OkinawaPrince Akishino and Princess Kiko on Tuesday visited Okinawa Prefecture with their son Prince Hisahito, taking the young prince to a war memorial park on his first trip to the prefecture.

At the Peace Memorial Park in Itoman city, the family saw the Cornerstone of Peace monument engraved with names of about 240,000 people who died in the 1945 Battle of Okinawa. They also visited the national cemetery for the war dead and laid flowers.

Prince Hisahito, 7, was dressed in a dark blue suit with a tie. Prince Akishino told his son that the monument identifies some of the war dead only through relations such as "first son" or "second son" because they were newborns who died before being given their names.