Princess Ayako's Wedding Ceremony Held In Tokyo

Princess Ayako's wedding ceremony held in Tokyo

The wedding ceremony for Japan's Princess Ayako and company employee Kei Moriya was held on Monday at Meiji Jingu shrine in Tokyo.

The princess is the third and youngest daughter of the late Prince Takamado, a cousin of Emperor Akihito. Moriya works for a Japanese shipping company.

A messenger from the groom's family came to collect Princess Ayako at her residence in an Imperial rite. The princess then headed to Meiji Jingu in a car.

The princess joined Moriya at a shrine gate. They walked to the hall of the sacred dances, the venue for the wedding ceremony.

The couple's friends and shrine worshippers had been waiting for their arrival. They clapped and offered their congratulations.

Some 30 members of the couple's families attended the Shinto wedding ceremony that began shortly after 11:30 AM. Princess Ayako wore traditional clothing.

After a shrine priest recited a ritual prayer, the princess and Moriya exchanged nuptial cups and wedding rings before making their wedding vows.

Princess Ayako officially left the Imperial family after a notification of the marriage was submitted to a local government office on Monday.