Princess Ayako's Wedding Date Set

Princess Ayako's wedding date set

Japan's Princess Ayako and her fiance Kei Moriya will tie the knot on October 29th at a Tokyo shrine.

The princess is the third and youngest daughter of the late Prince Takamado, who was Emperor Akihito's cousin.

Her wedding date was officially set at a traditional rite called "Kokki-no-Gi," which took place on Wednesday.

One of Moriya's relatives, Tatsuya Kondo, met Princess Ayako and her mother, Princess Takamado, at their residence.

He suggested the date, and the princess consented.

The meeting was held in a room where a portrait of Princess Ayako's late father is hung. She was wearing a dress adorned with a motif of dragonflies, which are said to bring good fortune.

The wedding of Princess Ayako and Moriya will be a Shinto-style wedding at Tokyo's Meiji Jingu. A banquet will be held the following day, with guests including the Crown Prince and Princess, and the heads of the government's three branches.

The Imperial Household agency says the young couple is currently busy preparing for their wedding and the residence they will use after their marriage.