Princess Kako Uses Sign Language To Open National Contest

Princess Kako uses sign language to open national contestPrincess Kako delivered a speech in sign language for the first time on Sept. 22 at the opening ceremony of a national contest on using the communication system for hearing-impaired people.
“I hope that understanding of sign language and people with hearing impairments will further deepen and that the contest will become a wonderful memory for participants,” Kako, the second daughter of Prince Fumihito, said in sign language.

Twenty teams of high school students from 14 prefectures competed in the sign language event using songs and dramas at Yonago Public Hall in Yonago.

A team from the Nara prefectural school for the deaf took home the top prize.

The Tottori prefectural government started the contest in 2014. The previous year, Tottori became the first prefecture to adopt a sign language promotion ordinance designed to create a society friendly to hearing-impaired people.

The Sept. 22 event was the second contest and was sponsored by The Asahi Shimbun Social Welfare Organization, The Asahi Shimbun and other entities.