Princess Mako Visits Brazil's Amazon Region

Princess Mako visits Brazil's Amazon region

Japan's Princess Mako has visited a city in Brazil's Amazon region to pay respects to the pioneering Japanese people who immigrated there.

The eldest daughter of Prince and Princess Akishino arrived in the city of Tome-Acu on Friday on an official tour of Brazil. She is the first Japanese imperial family member to visit Tome-Acu, located deep in the Amazon.

Many Japanese immigrants and their descendants are said to have suffered from illnesses in the city due to the harsh natural environment.

Princess Mako visited a graveyard of about 900 people, including Japanese immigrants. She said to a guide that there are so many Japanese graves, and offered flowers at a cenotaph.

The princess also visited a farm run by descendants of Japanese. She received a briefing on a variety of fruits grown in the region, as well as on cacao that is exported to Japan.

At a welcome ceremony hosted by Japanese immigrants, Princess Mako said she thought of the pioneers when she offered flowers at the cenotaph.

She expressed her sincere respects for those who have served as a bridge between Japan and Brazil.