Prosecutors Appeal Granting Of Bail To Ghosn

Prosecutors appeal granting of bail to Ghosn

Tokyo prosecutors have filed a quasi-appeal after the Tokyo District Court's decision on Tuesday to grant bail to former Nissan Motor chairman Carlos Ghosn.

Ghosn has been detained for 107 days, since his first arrest last November. He's been indicted for underreporting his executive compensation in violation of the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, and aggravated breach of trust for inappropriately shifting Nissan's funds.

The court rejected two requests for bail by Ghosn's lawyers in January.

Ghosn's defense team was replaced last month by other lawyers headed by Junichiro Hironaka. The new legal team filed the third request for bail last Thursday.

Ghosn's bail was set at one billion yen, or about 8.9 million dollars. The court also set conditions to prevent Ghosn from traveling abroad, destroying evidence or fleeing.

Hironaka reportedly told the court that Ghosn agrees to have surveillance cameras installed in his residence, and to only use designated personal computers and mobile phones.

The court is apparently satisfied that Ghosn will not try to destroy evidence once he's freed.

Ghosn's lawyers said their client was unable to pay the bail on Tuesday. This delays his release until Wednesday at the earliest, unless the court upholds the prosecutors' quasi-appeal.