Prosecutors Indict Ghosn On Two New Charges

Prosecutors indict Ghosn on two new charges

Prosecutors have brought a new indictment against Nissan's former chairman Carlos Ghosn. The former auto tycoon has been charged with aggravated breach of trust, and with violating a financial law by underreporting his compensation.

Prosecutors say Ghosn shifted personal foreign exchange contracts with potential losses of about 16 million dollars onto Nissan.

He's also accused of inappropriately transferring about 15 million dollars from a subsidiary of the automaker to a Saudi Arabian businessman's company for helping him over his financial difficulties.

It's also alleged Ghosn underreported nearly 40 million dollars of compensation over a 3-year period.

His close aide and former Nissan Representative Director Greg Kelly and the company itself have also been indicted on this charge.
The three parties have already been indicted for understating Ghosn's income over a separate time period.

In a high-profile court hearing earlier this week, Ghosn denied any wrongdoing.
He has been detained and re-arrested on a series of allegations since November.
It's expected his lawyers will now request bail.