Protest Against Yakuza Halloween Treats

Protest against yakuza Halloween treats

People in western Japan are protesting against a crime syndicate for giving away Halloween treats.

The headquarters of Yamaguchi Gumi in the city of Kobe invites children for snacks on Halloween every year. The command center of the designated organized crime group is decorated with ghosts and other characters for the day.

This year, residents of the area and police officers gathered to protest. They say the practice has a bad influence on children.

Criminal groups are barred from engaging in certain activities, but giving away snacks is not among them. Police say Yamaguchi Gumi alleges it is just responding to children's requests.

Police officers suspect the group wants to make a better impression on local residents to counter the increasingly severe restrictions it faces.

One protester said adults must prevent children from getting gifts from gangsters because youngsters cannot judge what kind of people they are.