Protests Growing Against Deployment Of Osprey In Japan

Protests growing against deployment of Osprey in JapanProtests are growing across the nation against the U.S. Marine Corps' planned deployment of vertical takeoff and landing Osprey aircraft in Japan.

In response, the National Governors' Association has adopted a resolution expressing opposition to the deployment of the aircraft in Japan.

Amid growing opposition, Defense Minister Satoshi Morimoto told a news conference on July 20 that Washington had officially notified Tokyo that Osprey aircraft would be introduced at the U.S. forces' Iwakuni base in Yamaguchi Prefecture on July 23 before being deployed to the U.S. Marine Corps Air Station Futenma in Okinawa Prefecture.

The Defense Ministry dispatched officials to the Yamaguchi prefectural and Iwakuni municipal governments to notify them of the schedule for introducing the aircraft.

However, Iwakuni Mayor Yoshihiko Fukuda has voiced opposition to the introduction of the aircraft to the U.S. base in the city.

"If the aircraft were forcibly introduced, mutual trust between the national and local governments could collapse, seriously affecting the Japan-U.S. security arrangement," he said.

via Mainichi