Qatar 'provided Information' To Help Free Yasuda

Qatar 'provided information' to help free Yasuda

A senior Qatari government official says his country provided information that helped to secure the release of Japanese journalist Jumpei Yasuda.

The official spoke to NHK on Thursday about the journalist who returned to Japan after being held hostage for more than 3 years by militants in Syria.

The official offered the Qatari government's congratulations to the government and the people of Japan on Yasuda's release and safe return.

He explained that Qatar and Turkey provided Japan with intelligence through diplomatic routes and counterterrorism agencies.

The official also suggested that his country cooperated with Japan through a contact framework that was launched at the Japanese government's request.

The Qatari government is expected to soon issue a statement that reflects what the official told NHK.

It is not known whether Qatar paid a ransom to the militant group in exchange for Yasuda's release.