Rail Service Down Sunday Morning For Safety Checks

Rail service down Sunday morning for safety checks

Railway operators in greater Tokyo will halt shinkansen and most local train services on Sunday morning for safety checks in the wake of Typhoon Hagibis.

East Japan Railway, or JR East, says all of its local lines will be out of operation at least until around noon.

Shinkansen trains are also due to be halted until around noon on the Tohoku, Hokuriku, and Joetsu lines.

On the Akita Shinkansen line, operations will resume between Morioka and Akita from the day's first train.

The Yamagata Shinkansen line will remain out of service for the whole day.

JR East is asking people to visit its website to get the latest information, as service outage could be longer than planned depending on the scale of damage.

Among private railway companies, Keisei will resume operations from the day's first train.

But others say service will remain halted until safety is confirmed.