Rain To Intensify In Many Parts Of Japan

Rain to intensify in many parts of Japan

Weather officials in Japan are calling for caution as continuing heavy rain could prompt landslides, flooding in low-lying areas as well as gusty winds across the country.

The Meteorological Agency says warm, damp air blowing into the lingering seasonal rain front is making atmospheric conditions unstable in eastern and western Japan.

Kumamoto Prefecture in Kyushu, southwestern Japan, had over 250 millimeters of rainfall in 24 hours.

The rain is expected to intensify from Sunday night through Monday noon in western Japan and Kyushu as the seasonal front becomes more active. Some areas could have up to 50 millimeters of rain in an hour.

Weather officials say the front will continue to bring rain until midweek, mainly in western Japan.

More than 220,000 people in Kumamoto and Ehime prefectures have been told to evacuate.