Rally Held Ahead Of Sarin Gas Attack Anniversary

Rally held ahead of sarin gas attack anniversary

Relatives of people killed in the 1995 sarin gas attack on the Tokyo subway system have held a rally in Tokyo ahead of its 24th anniversary.

The act of terrorism by the Aum Shinrikyo cult left 13 people dead and about 6,300 others injured.

All 13 people convicted of crimes committed by the cult were executed last July.

Former Justice Minister Yoko Kamikawa, who ordered the executions, sent a video message in which she said she made the decision after thorough consideration.

In a talk that followed, Shizue Takahashi, whose husband was killed in the incident while working as a station attendant, spoke with Minoru Kariya, whose father was abducted and killed by cult members.

Takahashi said the execution of former cult members does not put an end to the incident for the victims' relatives or those suffering from aftereffects.

A student who came from Kyoto to attend the rally said she did not know much about the terror attack, but she now understands there are people still dealing with the incident.