Uncommon Remote Ocean Angle In Plain View In Numazu

Rare remote ocean angle in plain view in Numazu

Visitors to an aquarium in Numazu, a port city south-west of Tokyo, are getting a charge out of a strange display - 2 uncommon remote ocean angle that were gotten in adjacent Suruga Bay.

A illustrative of the aquarium says the red, prolonged fish are likely Natsushima choujagenge, a kind of eelpout found in Sagami Bay, south of Tokyo, 8 years ago.

The aquarium put the fish, around 15 centimeters in length, into a tank on Friday in what is thought to be the primary ever live presentation of the species. As of recently, just a single other example has been gotten in Japan.

Hirotaka Shiozaki, an authority at the aquarium, said he'd like individuals to find out about the animals of Suruga Bay.