Reach For The Sky: Shibuya Gets Tallest Building

Reach for the sky: Shibuya gets tallest building

Tokyo's Shibuya district is getting a new addition to its already-crowded skyline.

The 230-meter-tall east wing of Shibuya Scramble Square will be the highest building around when it opens November 1. It's now being constructed right above Shibuya Station.

An open-air observation deck on the roof will provide a panoramic view of downtown Tokyo, with the iconic "scramble crossing" right below.

Office space will take up the 17th to 45th floors. The lower floors will house more than 200 commercial establishments.

Noriaki Takahide of the Shibuya Scramble Square said that, "We hope the skyscraper will become a new landmark of Shibuya, and bring more energy to the district by attracting customers."

The building will also have a shelter...should a disaster leave large numbers of people stranded in the train station. Food will be stocked in a building warehouse.

The central and west wings are scheduled to open by March 2027.