Reaction To S.korea's Intelligence Pact Exit

Reaction to S.Korea's intelligence pact exit

A senior officer of Japan's Self-Defense Forces has expressed a view that South Korea's decision to terminate an intelligence-sharing pact with Japan will not have a serious impact on SDF operations.

The officer told NHK that the Self-Defense Forces have a solid information-sharing system with the US military. He added he does not believe South Korea's withdrawal from the pact will have an adverse effect on the operations of SDF units, including responding to launches of ballistic missiles by North Korea.

But the officer expressed concern about a possible impact on exchanges and communications between SDF members and the South Korean military.

Meanwhile, the US military stationed in Japan declined to comment, saying that it is a matter between South Korea and Japan.

The US military stressed that there is no change to the fact that the alliance between the United States and Japan provides the foundation for regional security.