Record - Number Of Intl. Students Got Jobs In Japan

Record-number of intl. students got jobs in Japan

The Japanese government says the number of foreign students who found a job or started a business in Japan after graduating from schools in the country hit a record high of more than 22,000 in 2017.

Foreign students in Japan are required to change their status of residence if they want to work in the country after graduating universities or vocational schools.

The Justice Ministry's Immigration Bureau says the number of foreign students who were granted the change of status was 22,419 in 2017, up 2,984 from the previous year, which was also a record high at the time.

The bureau says more than 90 percent of the students changed to the status for engineers and specialists in the humanities or international services. This category includes interpreters and IT engineers.

Broken down by nationality, Chinese students topped the list at 10,326 and Vietnamese came second with 4,633. Those from Nepal came in third at 2,026.

The bureau believes the increased help for foreign students to find a job in Japan and the growing demand for them from firms, amid the globalization of business, are among the causes of the record number.