Remains Of Japanese War - Dead Cremated In Sakhalin

Remains of Japanese war-dead cremated in Sakhalin

The remains of seven people discovered in Russia's Far East have been determined to be those of Japanese war-dead and were cremated in Sakhalin.

The latest survey, conducted by Russia from last year, searched for the remains of Japanese soldiers who died in the Far East in World War Two.

Russia handed over to Japan the remains of 15 people found in Sakhalin, as well as on Shumshu Island in the northern part of the Kuril Islands.

Examination by Japanese experts identified seven of them as those of Japanese. The identity of the others has yet to be determined.

On Monday, a ceremony was held in Sakhalin before the remains were cremated and returned to Japan.

Japan's welfare ministry is under fire after a possible mix-up of remains of Japanese post-war internees in Siberia came to light. The ministry plans to bring unidentified remains back to Japan for DNA tests.

Yukio Narumi is the head of a war-bereaved families association in the city of Ebetsu in the northern prefecture of Hokkaido. He says he believes that the deceased may be pleased to return to Japan.