Report: Cleaning Up After Flooding

Report: Cleaning up after flooding

Typhoon Hagibis has brought damage to wide areas of Japan. A hospital and other buildings along the Tama River that runs through Tokyo were flooded.

NHK World's Maiko Eiraku visited the site on Sunday.

Maiko Eiraku: "Right now I am near the banks of the Tama River, which flows through Tokyo and Kanagawa Prefecture. People have spent most of this morning trying to clear their houses of mud and debris.

As you can see, the waters rose significantly last night because of heavy rain, but they are slowly starting to recede.

While the river did not overflow, houses around the river were flooded.

That's because the Tama River waters were so high, that the heavy rains couldn't be diverted there ... forcing water to come up through nearby manholes and drain pipes.

The flooding forced residents to evacuate...with local fire officials using boats at one point to navigate these streets. But officials tell us that man in his 60s was not able to get out of his ground level apartment and drowned.

These bushes give you a better idea of how high the waters reached last night.

A local resident told me that he evacuated in a hurry early in the evening and that he didn't expect this area to be flooded.

I spoke to another man whose skateboard shop was flooded. He says he's frustrated, but says at this point there's not much he can do except try and clean up the mess. And from the looks of's going to take some time before that happens."