Report From Evacuation Center In Nagano

Report from evacuation center in Nagano

People in Nagano city have been battling floods and many were forced to leave their homes after the Chikuma River levees broke. NHK World's Haruka Nouchi is in the city with the latest on how people are dealing with the situation.

She says: I am at this evacuation center that's become a home away from home for about 200 people. The center is perched on a hill and located about 2 kilometers from the Chikuma River.

It's been bustling this afternoon with people going in and out. One woman said she evacuated because her house lost power and water began to flood in. She said, " I could hardly get into my house because the water came up to my thighs."

And a man told me this was his first experience and that he was worried about what will come next. He said, " I will talk with my family about what we should do."

According to the Geospatial Information Authority of Japan, the extent of the flooding runs about 5 kilometers north to south, and is 2 to 3 meters deep.

Safety officials have tried to prevent flooding of this river in the past, but Typhoon Hagibis was so powerful, that those measures weren't enough.

Nagano city has issued evacuation orders to the people all around the area.

And rescue operations are still in progress. Crews have been busy draining the river and that work will continue.

The temperature is dropping as the time passes, the head volunteer of the evacuation center says they are bringing in extra sleeping bags to keep evacuees warm.

With no end date in sight for the evacuation, many people in this community are worrying how long they'll be here and when their lives can return to normal.