Report From Nagano, Devastated By Typhoon

Report from Nagano, devastated by Typhoon

People in Nagano have been battling floods since the Chikuma River levees broke. NHK World's Haruka Nouchi is in the city with the latest on how people are dealing with the damage.

She said: I'm at a residential area about 300 meters from the Chikuma River. The water has already receded since the typhoon swept through the area, but at its peak it was about one meter deep.

Fire officials have been going door to door to check on the safety of residents.

The rain is on and off, which has been complicating efforts to clean up the thick mud that comes up to people's calves.

At this apple orchard, some of the trees have been knocked down by the wind, and there are lots of apples on the ground, causing some worries that the apple harvest will be impacted.

An apple farmer said, " We can do nothing until the mud in the orchard gets dry. Only then will we be able to remove the damaged apples and clean up the area."

According to the Geospatial Information Authority of Japan, the extent of the flooding runs about 5 kilometers north to south, and is 2 to 3 meters deep.

Safety officials have tried to prevent flooding of this river in the past, but Typhoon Hagibis was so powerful, that those measures weren't enough.

Police officers have been rescuing people who were stranded in this area. So far more than 600 have been rescued. Unfortunately, one person has died and three people are still missing in the district.

We don't know how serious the damage could be. Especially with more rain in the forecast and Japan's Meteorological Agency warning of more flooding.