Report From Sagamihara, Affected By Typhoon

Report from Sagamihara, affected by Typhoon

One person has been killed and two others are missing in heavy landslides in Sagamihara, near Tokyo. NHK World's Mami Mochizuki is in the city with the latest.

She said: I'm near the bottom of a large landslide that took the life of a woman in her 70s.

Behind me, crews are piling up debris from several homes which were pushed down the hillside by the sheer force of sliding mud.

This is a mountainous area, but it's uncommon to see a landslide this large right here.

I spoke with one man who lives nearby and was warned by fire officials to evacuate shortly before this happened.

He said, " I heard a big noise on my way to the evacuation center. It was scary to see how the landslide totally destroyed a house. The damage in this area is worse than I thought. Let's hope the situation doesn't get any worse."

Another neighbor told me the movement caused an electrical fire.

About one kilometer from this spot, the fire department is still searching for a missing man and woman.

This particular landslide was about 100 meters wide, but driving through the city, I could see evidence of smaller landslides.

It's unclear how long the cleanup will take. Water is still draining into a fast-moving river downhill from here.

And, with more rain in the forecast, city officials are calling on residents to stay prepared for a further emergency.