Report Urges More Training For Working Mothers

Report urges more training for working mothers

A Japanese government report on gender equality recommends that women with young children should be given more opportunities for training to help them reenter the workforce.

The annual report was approved at a Cabinet meeting on Friday.

The report discusses the topic of recurrent or continuing education. It says personnel training tends to be mainly given to regular employees. It says women have limited access to such opportunities because many of them do not have full-time status at their firms.

It notes that women are also disadvantaged because employees are selected for junior management positions at an age when many female workers are giving birth and taking care of young children.

A Cabinet Office survey asked respondents with working experience to give their views on how training can help people to reenter the workforce.

Nearly half of the female respondents with pre-school children said they want to have their burden of household chores reduced first and foremost. The figure was almost triple the number of men who gave the same answer.

The report calls for an overhaul of the gender-based division of roles and male-centered labor practices in Japan.

It also says that recurrent education should be made more accessible to women by organizing short-term courses and providing subsidies.