Residents Begin Cleanup As Death Toll Hits 74

Residents begin cleanup as death toll hits 74

People in areas of Japan hit by Typhoon Hagibis are struggling to recover from deadly flooding.

NHK has learned that the death toll has now risen to 74. Rescuers are searching for about 10 people who are still missing 4 days after the storm.

People in Tochigi Prefecture have begun the daunting task of cleaning up.

Residents are removing water-logged flooring, furniture and electronics, and volunteers are helping the elderly scoop mud from their homes.

Over 100 police officers are searching for a couple who was believed to be hit by a landslide south of Tokyo.

Authorities are still trying to get a full picture of the typhoon's aftermath. The heavy rain burst at least 79 levees on rivers across the country.

NHK has learned over 14,000 houses were flooded. More than 110,000 households are without water supplies. Thousands of homes still have no electricity. It's unclear how long it will take to fully restore services.

Weather officials are warning that a low pressure system could dump more heavy rain on northern and eastern Japan on Friday and Saturday.

They're urging people in disaster-hit areas to stay on the alert, saying that even a small amount of rain could trigger more flooding and landslides.