Restaurants Adopt Plant - Based Cutlery, Containers

Restaurants adopt plant-based cutlery, containers

Japanese restaurant operators are switching from plastic knives, forks and spoons to cutlery and containers made from plant-based materials as they try to cut down on plastic waste.

Skylark Holdings, Japan's biggest family-restaurant operator, is adopting such a policy at about 2,800 outlets.

The firm will start using plant-based bags and cutlery in December and February, respectively. It will introduce plant-derived containers next year.

Skylark hopes the program will cut its annual plastic waste by some 150 tons. A company official says Skylark wants to do what it can to help deal with environmental issues.

Starbucks Coffee Japan plans to replace plastic straws with paper ones at all its 1,500 outlets by the end of May.

A total of 200 million straws are used at the stores every year.

The company has also been testing a switch to paper cups.