Rough Weather In Northern Japan And Hokuriku

Rough weather in northern Japan and Hokuriku

A low pressure system and a front are causing unstable atmospheric conditions over much of the Hokuriku region and northern Japan. People are advised to beware of possible mudslides and flooding in low-lying areas due to heavy rain and strong winds.

The Meteorological Agency says unstable atmospheric conditions are causing localized rain clouds to build up in the Hokuriku region and northern Japan.

Wind is also picking up in coastal areas. The maximum instantaneous wind velocity reached 109 kilometers per hour at Cape Erimo, Hokkaido.

By Monday morning, some areas in northern Japan could receive torrential downpours of more than 30 millimeters per hour, accompanied by lightning.

Total precipitation could reach 150 millimeters in Hokuriku by Monday morning and 100 millimeters in northern Japan.

Weather officials are warning of landslides, flooding, swollen rivers, strong wind, high surf, lightning strikes and sudden gusts of wind, including tornadoes.