Safety Checking Of Tokyo Games Spectators Tested

Safety checking of Tokyo Games spectators tested

Organizers of the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics, rescheduled for next year, have tested ways to carry out safety checks on spectators entering the venues of events.

About 1,000 participants in the three-day test conducted in Tokyo through Wednesday included private security firm personnel who will cover safety checks at the Games. This is the first such test since the outbreak of the coronavirus.

The test focused on how to prevent coronavirus infections and also to make sure safety checks are done smoothly.

The test involved measuring the time spent for various safety procedures including securing social distance among spectators and checking their temperatures before entering.

One of the challenges is to make efficient checks of spectators' temperatures. Wednesday's test used non-contact thermometers and thermographs as well as temperature-measuring stickers.

The stickers are placed mainly on the wrist, and they show different colors representing temperatures. This method helps save time because the spectators can have their temperatures taken while waiting in line for safety checks.

The organizing committee plans to decide on the safety check process after analyzing the test results.

Iwashita Tsuyoshi, the committee's security chief, says the test has confirmed how much of a burden the measures to prevent coronavirus infections have been added to the job of safety checks.

He says the organizers will step up preparations to ensure both the smooth entry and safety of spectators.