Saitama Zoo Puts Beetles On Display

Saitama Zoo puts beetles on display

Beetles from Japan and other countries have been put on display at a zoo in Saitama Prefecture, north of Tokyo.

The exhibition, featuring 20 species of rhinoceros beetles and stag beetles, is underway at the Hodosan Zoo in the town of Nagatoro. The exhibit is sure to delight children, who are now on summer vacation.

The insects on display include a Neptune beetle that is native to Colombia and other countries. It is about 13 centimeters long, more than twice the length of the common Japanese rhino beetle.

The Megasoma, a type of rhino beetle from French Guiana, weighs 49 grams. That's almost five times the weight of a Japanese beetle.

The Satanas beetle is a popular species endemic to the mountains of Bolivia. Its horn and abdomen are covered with golden hair.

Visitors can actually touch beetles caught in the mountains near the zoo.

A visitor in his 30s from Chiba Prefecture said he only came to the zoo because his child wanted to see the exhibit. But the man conceded that he had enjoyed the show even more than his child had.

The exhibition runs through August 15.