Sapporo Recovery Work To Begin In Dec. At Earliest

Sapporo recovery work to begin in Dec. at earliest

City officials of Sapporo in quake-hit Hokkaido say it will take at least 3 months before recovery work can start in an area badly damaged by land liquefaction.

More than 10 buildings tilted and roads sank in the Satozuka district in the city's Kiyota Ward after the September 6th earthquake triggered widespread liquefaction.

At a closed-door meeting with residents on Thursday, city officials reportedly said they will need time to assess the damage and gather the opinions of residents before recovery work can begin. They also explained the outlook for the city's reconstruction plans.

The residents are said to have demanded the city pay for reconstruction work. They also reportedly asked about the outlook for recovery.

Hisao Morita, head of the Satozuka Chuo community group, says officials merely kept repeating that they would look into the matter. He expressed hope that the city government will quickly come up with detailed plans for reconstruction.

Shuji Amano heads Sapporo's civil engineering department. He says the city government wants to rebuild roads, the sewage system, and housing areas in a comprehensive manner with continuing input from residents.