Scandal - Hit Joc Chief To Resign

Scandal-hit JOC chief to resign

The president of the Japanese Olympic Committee will likely announce on Tuesday his intention to resign when his current term expires in June.

Sources told NHK that Tsunekazu Takeda is expected to make the announcement at a JOC board meeting.

Takeda has been facing corruption charges in France related to Tokyo's successful bid for the 2020 Olympics. He headed the bidding committee.

The sources say he is resigning out of consideration for the Games, which begin in 16 months' time.

Prosecutors in France say an investigative judge has been considering whether to indict Takeda since December last year.

Takeda has maintained his innocence throughout. However, calls for his resignation have grown in and outside Japan.

The International Olympic Committee has expressed deep concern about the scandal's potential to negatively impact the Games.

Takeda has refrained from attending IOC meetings since the allegations came to light.

The head of the government's Sports Agency, Daichi Suzuki, refrained from commenting on the situation to reporters on Monday.

Suzuki said Takeda's resignation could have repercussions, but he also stressed that it has not yet been announced. He said the government will cooperate with the JOC and other organizations to ensure a smooth Games.