Scandal - Hit Med School Names Female President

Scandal-hit med school names female president

A medical school in Tokyo that recently admitted to rigging entrance exams to discriminate against women has approved its first female president.

Board members of Tokyo Medical University on Tuesday chose Professor Yukiko Hayashi as the school's new president. She will officially assume the post on October 1st.

The school's former chairman and president resigned in July. They were indicted over corruption charges.

They were accused of allowing the son of a former education ministry bureau chief to be admitted to the school illegally in exchange for favoritism in connection with a government subsidy program.

The university's internal investigation committee also revealed that the school manipulated the scores of applicants taking its entrance exams.

This was intended to curb the number of women and repeat applicants accepted at the school.

Hayashi said in a statement that she takes it seriously that the university has lost society's trust.

She said she will work to create an organization that respects individuals so they can fully show their originality and abilities.