Sdf Truck's Ammunition Load Comes Loose

SDF truck's ammunition load comes loose

Japanese police say a load of ammunition became dislodged on an Air Self-Defense Force truck that was driving on an expressway north of Tokyo.

The incident occurred in Tochigi Prefecture around 8 a.m. on Thursday.

The vehicle made an emergency stop at the Mibu parking area, and the load was transferred to another ASDF truck.

Police cordoned off the parking area while the work was under way. About 20 people, including store workers and drivers, evacuated to a nearby park.

Police say the load was made up of eight boxes of ammunition, each weighing about 190 kilograms.

The reloading work took about two hours. The parking area was reopened after the work ended in the early afternoon.

ASDF officials say the vehicle was on its way to the Komatsu Air Base in Ishikawa Prefecture from the Hyakuri Air Base in Ibaraki Prefecture.