Search Continues For Missing

Search continues for missing

People are still struggling to deal with the extensive damage a week after torrential rains led to flooding and landslides. The number of dead has risen to more than 180 while crews frantically search for any signs of the more than 60 still missing.

Dozens of them are believed to be in one of the hardest-hit prefectures of Hiroshima. In Kumano, hundreds of police and firefighters are digging through thick layers of mud. The area was caught in a major landslide. Crews have been looking inside homes, but they've expanded the search to the piles of mud surrounding them.

There are also fears that a reservoir in Hiroshima prefecture could burst amid rising water levels. Officials have ordered about 60 households in the city of Fuchu to evacuate.

We're getting a better sense of the scope of the destruction.
In Okayama where parts of the prefecture turned into rushing rivers, at least 14,000 homes and buildings have been damaged. Across the region, about 5,600 people are still living in evacuation centers.

The clean-up work is also facing challenges.
Some of the towns impacted have large elderly populations.

Many of the homes in the town of Saka remain flooded with water.

Residents there are pitching in to help dig a trench to drain the water.