Search Resumes For Sunken Freighter's Crew

Search resumes for sunken freighter's crew

The Japan Coast Guard resumed on Tuesday its search for the missing crewmembers of a cargo ship that sank off eastern Japan, after tapping sounds were heard from inside.

The Senshomaru, with a crew of five, and another freighter collided in waters off Chiba Prefecture, near Tokyo, early Sunday.

The ship is now lying on its side on the seabed at a depth of about 30 meters. One crewmember has died, three are missing, and the captain has been rescued.

When Coast Guard divers went inside the ship on Monday, they confirmed they could hear tapping sounds from an area near the living quarters toward the rear.

But poor visibility has prevented them from pinpointing the location.

The area is being hit with gusts of wind and high waves, so the Coast Guard will be confirming conditions as it proceeds with the rescue operation.