Season's First Pacific Saury Fetches Record Price

Season's first Pacific saury fetches record price

The season's first Pacific saury catch has been auctioned for more than 630 dollars a fish, the highest price on record, at a wholesale market in Hokkaido, northern Japan.

The auction began on Wednesday morning. More than 200 kilograms of Pacific saury was sold at the market in Sapporo City.

One kilogram of large-sized saury fetched over 4,500 dollars, or around 630 dollars a fish.

The season began on Sunday off the east coast of Hokkaido. The first haul on Tuesday, was 700 kilograms, only about a third of last year's size.

A wholesale firm official said the fish have become smaller and that the catches are dwindling.

He said he's happy that the saury fetched such a high price, partly to celebrate the start of the auctions. But he expressed concern that consumers may shun them if they become too expensive.