Second Terminal Opens At Chubu Airport

Second terminal opens at Chubu airport

The Chubu international airport in Aichi Prefecture, central Japan, has opened a new terminal for low-cost carriers.

Terminal Two began operations on Friday. The airport had been building it since last year to handle an increasing number of foreign tourists.

The airport expects 4.5 million passengers to use the terminal annually. Five of the 11 low-cost carriers operating at the airport are to move to the 45,000-square-meter facility.

The terminal has automatic luggage check-in systems and advanced inspection machines.

The airport operator says the new facility's service charge is about half that of Terminal One.

On the first day of service, airport officials waved goodbye to passengers on international and domestic flights.

A female passenger said she found out about the new terminal a couple of days ago, and that it's very nice.

The airport's president Riki Inuzuka says low-cost carriers are essential for the airport to keep growing.