Security Camera Footage Leads To Suspect's Arrest

Security camera footage leads to suspect's arrest

Footage from a series of security cameras has led to the arrest of a man who allegedly attacked a police officer and took his loaded handgun in Osaka Prefecture, western Japan, on Sunday.

Police say Yujiro Iimori appeared at a supermarket in Suita City about two and a half hours after the attack. The store is roughly five kilometers north of the crime scene.

The police say Iimori bought a light-blue cap and a dark-red long-sleeve zip-up jumper.

The supermarket called the police to report that a man with blood on his right hand had come there to purchase clothing.

Surveillance camera videos show the suspect then continuing to flee in a northerly direction.

A camera at a roadside do-it-yourself store in neighboring Minoh City, about two kilometers northwest of the supermarket, captured images of him shortly after 9:40 a.m.

Police say he bought an insect repellent.

Footage from another camera shows Iimori entering a convenience store about an hour later. The store is about one kilometer north of the DIY store.

The suspect reportedly bought a cell phone charger and a battery.

Iimori was last seen on camera shortly after 8 p.m. as he was heading toward a mountainous area.

The police started their search operation early on Monday, and found the suspect lying on a bench about eight kilometers north of the scene of the attack.