Security High In Tokyo For Trump's Visit

Security high in Tokyo for Trump's visit

Tokyo police are beefing up security ahead of the state visit of US President Donald Trump. They are deploying a record number of officers for any visiting US president.

Trump is due to arrive at Tokyo's Haneda Airport on Saturday evening. He will stay for four days.

Tokyo Metropolitan Police say they are mobilizing 25,000 officers and putting the capital under round-the-clock protection.

Police vehicles in formation and uniformed officers can be seen on duty in streets around the neighborhood of the US embassy. Metal barricades have been erected at intersections to block entry of cars.

Checkpoints have also been set up at various places, including sites Trump is scheduled to visit.

Some sections of expressways and other roads in the capital will be temporarily closed for Trump's motorcade.

Police have asked for public understanding over inconvenience caused by the tightened security.